Sustainability Traffic is a weekly newsletter written by Erica Eller. I'm a content marketer who specializes in SEO blogging for sustainable brands.

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Why business blogging?

Business blogging is a great way to reach untapped audiences outside of your normal social media network through organic traffic. Blogs are a great place for SEO-driven content.

That's why I’ve created this newsletter. I want to help sustainable businesses:

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Why sustainability?

Part of my mission is to help sustainable business go mainstream. For a long time, "green marketing" referred to rebranding sustainable products for a certain audience that would pay a premium for the goods.

These days, people are no longer satisfied with viewing sustainability as a mere corner of the market. Issues of sustainability are now viewed as systemic problems that lifestyle changes alone won't change. Most industries are beginning to evolve to address these challenges.

Whether you sign up for the weekly or monthly content, I'm here to help you expand your vision of sustainability and target new audiences.

My aim with this newsletter is to help sustainable companies improve their blogging content strategy with trend overviews, SEO tips, recommended keywords, and blog post case studies.

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