Climate tech stocks

As the world races for climate solutions, people are curious to know what the next Tesla will be.

Climate tech stocks

It turns out people aren't just looking for cryptocurrency investment opps, they want sustainable stocks.

Investment opps for a warming world

As the world races for climate solutions, publicly traded companies like Beyond Meat, Tesla, and Enphase Energy have shown that there is room in Wallstreet for climate tech.

Some climate tech stocks are in highly speculative industries, but people are curious to know what the next Tesla will be, so they can bet on climate solutions.

Relaxed restrictions on crowdfunding for private equities have recently passed. This means investment platforms like Raise Green now offer opportunities for individual investors to invest in private securities for climate solutions.  

Quick overview

Climate solutions tech firms are attracting investors more than ever before, and not just for things like solar panels and bio-fuels. Innovation in virtually every sphere of the economy is creating room for new start-ups: vegan food (Beyond Meat), regenerative agriculture, climate infrastructure, battery and grid tech, sustainable fashion, and green buildings sectors are all experiencing a renaissance of sorts.

Investors seek novel approaches to solving climate change which can scale and take over entire industries. This could be a booming era for new technologies which will help our economy phase out fossil fuels. Funding is coming from both the public and private sectors.

Not strictly a top-down trend, young people have driven demand for more sustainable investing options with the fossil fuel divestment movement and worldwide climate strikes. Aligning investments with values is not a trend that will likely pass soon.

3 SEO blogging quick tips for this trend

  1. The formula for popular keywords in this space are “technology” + “stock.” This is what people are typing into search.
  2. If you don’t feel comfortable providing investing advice on your business blog, you can satisfy searcher’s interest by doing deep dives about the technologies and companies behind the securities being exchanged.
  3. Adding the word “best” at the start of your title will automatically satisfy searcher intent for these types of comparison and review style content pieces.

Top 3 low-difficulty keyword opportunities

The demand for climate tech stocks is clear just from looking at these numbers. Where there are searches, there is a market.

  • Renewable energy stocks (15K MSV, 11KD, $4.5 CPC)
  • Solar stocks (12,000 MSV, 20 KD, $4.50 CPC)
  • EV stocks (11K MSV, 21 KD, CPC NA)

High performing article examples

Obviously the sites getting traffic from articles related to these topics will be dominated by investing advice sites: Motley Fool, Nerd Wallet, Investopedia, etc. This is why I’ve tried to find examples which don’t come from these sites.

Samples of my own work linked to this trend

  • Sorry! All of my samples in this space are ghostwritten, so I have nothing to share today.

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