Happy Thanksgiving + food keywords

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope your holiday weekend is filled with gratitude. Here are some SEO tips for food sustainability keywords.

Happy Thanksgiving + food keywords

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope your holiday weekend is filled with gratitude. I'm super grateful for my subscribers!

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I also encourage you to donate to your local food bank. There's no better expression of gratitude than paying it forward and reinvesting in your community.

I saw this waste-ed.com infographic this week, and it stirred up more questions than it resolved on food systems.

While it does expose the importance of local food, it leaves out important details:

  • How food access differs depending on location, income, race, and even gender
  • How much food waste is associated with different types of food acquisition
  • The global scale of the food system and food supply chain
  • The people involved in making the food chain work

Food sustainability is really complex, and it's important not to flatten these narratives. We cannot exclude the "people" when we talk about the "planet."

We also need to look at the life-cycle of food (from production to waste) holistically to get the full picture of food's impact.

SEO tips for this trend

  1. Aim for an inclusive writing approach. Black-owned and led journalists Report For America recently exposed the impact of the Pandemic on black communities in their collaborations with local news outlets across the U.S. Understand that food prices, access, and availability differ community to community. Keywords like food insecurity and food apartheid are as much a part of the sustainability story as food waste and sustainable agriculture.
  2. Target easy-to-rank keywords (low keyword difficulty scores) like food production, but still include more competitive keywords in your copy like regenerative agriculture. Create an outline that can accommodate a range of different keyword types centered on a related theme.
  3. "What is..." titles are annoyingly popular for search engines (see my high performing content examples below). Since this is what works for SEO, consider including explainers with "what is..." titles into your editorial calendar.  

Examples of 11 sustainable food keyword opportunities

Low keyword difficulty:

  • food system (1K monthly search volume, 29 keyword difficulty)
  • food production (2.9K MSV, 26 KD)
  • food trends (2.3K MSV, 31KD)
  • food apartheid (1.5K msv, 21KD)

High monthly search volume:

  • regenerative agriculture (12K msv, 71KD)
  • food waste (7.9K msv, 85KD)
  • food insecurity (20K msv, 79KD)

Somewhere in the middle:

  • agroecology (3.4K MSV, 41KD)
  • food supply chain (1.5K msv, 50KD)
  • food tech (1.4K msv, 50KD)
  • food innovation (1.9K msv, 51KD)

High performing article examples

Samples of my own work linked to this trend

This is embarrassing, but my first "SEO writing" client ever was an edible insects company, which promoted sustainable food choices.

The sad irony of my work for them is that a clickbait-y blog post I wrote performs better over a sustainability-themed one. Compare the two below:  

My work with this client didn't last very long, but I did learn that it's not as easy to rank for sustainability-themed content as may you think. It's important to get creative with sustainability content to make it interesting for broad audiences.

Coming up next week, I'm going to write something about the upcoming NOAH Zurich Conference 2021, which I may attend digitally.

Thanks for reading! :)

  • Donate to your local food bank this year on Black Friday!
  • This is newsletter is written by Erica Eller.