Intersectional environmentalist influencers on IG

Intersectional environmentalist influencers on IG are my biggest inspiration right now. In this post, I share a few of my favorite accounts and why I enjoy their content.

Intersectional environmentalist influencers on IG

Last week, I mentioned that I would be compiling some of my favorite environmental influencers on IG, taking a break from the regular SEO content programming.

And that's what I'm about to do.

There is an amazing convergence of young, influential, intersectional systems-thinkers, who want social and environmental change, and they want it now.

Their smart, well-designed, and well-received content is one of my biggest inspirations right now, so I want to share their IG accounts here.  

Four influencers to follow now


Followers: 306K

I consider this account the gateway drug to all of the other accounts I'm about to faun over. This nonprofit-led IG account features the content of other major influencers in this space, from Tik Tok's beloved @blackforager to the internet's favorite houseplant guru @plantkween. I love the people-centric focus of this site. It also makes great use of graphics and engagement-building posts like interviews. The backbone is, of course, awareness-raising advocacy. They've made their purpose political by sending an open letter to the Biden administration, too. In other words, they do the work, and they do it with style. It's through this account that I learned about several other influencers who make their purpose personal.


Followers: 277K

@greengirlleah, aka Leah Thomas, shows how to forge friendships with other environmentalists on IG. With her fellow LGBTQ+ and BIPOC eco-influencers, mostly based in southern California, she hosts events, shows how to hang, and rejuvenates us with her uplifting lifestyle promoting everyday environmentalism through an intersectional lens. She's here to show us that environmentalism doesn't have to be fueled by a sense of fatalism, but it definitely gets a boost from mutually beneficial friendships and storytelling about the beauty of getting respect while also giving respect to nature.


Followers: 55.8K

I cannot stop browsing the content on this IG created by Kristy Drutman. To be honest, I'm not super into the content that features hacks for eco-friendly lifestyles. I tend to see our ecological dilemmas as systemic issues that relate to our economic, social, and historically entrenched systems. That said, I am into the implications of taking an all roads lead to Rome approach to environmentalism. By that, I mean different types of content will resonate with different types of people. I feel like this account really curates the different approaches to environmentalism--social, lifestyle-centric, systemic, and even artistic--very well. I often learn about new advocacy sites through her IG, and the content she recycles or creates on her own is always thought-provoking. It raises new questions, dilemmas, and issues I hadn't previously thought about.


Followers: 94.3K

Ok, so by now you've probably noticed a running thread here. All of these accounts are placing the language of intersectional identities at the fore in their handles. And they do it for a good reason. Digital creator Isalas Hernandez creates incredibly smart content on eco-issues that may have never crossed your mind before. They get into the nitty-gritty by teaching the details of solutions and dilemmas in this space. Sometimes they tend to lean more towards the lifestyle content than I personally prefer, but they still captivate their audience with the solutions-oriented concepts I love like "depaving" or "energy sacrifice zones."

Final thoughts

That's all the time I have for now on this topic, but I just want to reiterate the values these IGs share: friendship, intersectionality, systems-thinking, values-embodied lifestyles, and solutions-oriented content. This type of content breathes much needed life into the environmental space.

This, my friends, is to say that our content should be courageous and deep to resonate with many of today's audiences.

Here are a few other IG accounts that capture a similar vibe:

Also, if you'd like to follow me, my handle is @erilouie. I mostly post personal stuff on IG, because I found having a business account was too tiring for the benefits it brought me. Lately, I use IG to share my forays into DIY and recycled fashion, since I'm on a fast fashion fast.

Coming up next week, I'm going to head back to my regular SEO keyword trends content and search for the best policy-linked keyword opportunities.  

Thanks for reading :)

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