Sustainable intimate products

People are looking sustainable versions of the most intimate products--underwear, swimsuits, and jewelry.

Sustainable intimate products

This week, I'm sharing a trend I stumbled upon in my keyword searching: sustainable products that hug your body.

Sustainability matters for our closest things

The market for sustainable products is set to reach $150 billion in sales in 2021. I've noticed a rising trend in my SEO keyword research specifically for sustainable products that people keep close to them. People are looking sustainable versions of the most intimate products--underwear, swimsuits, and jewelry.

These items hug and touch our skin throughout the day, so it's no wonder people don't want to settle for low-quality. By searching for sustainable versions of their most intimate attire, it could mean that shoppers consider sustainability a marker of value, quality, trust, and safety.  

That said, people don't always trust brands' own sustainability claims. Only 20% of consumers trust sustainability claims without third-party verification. Here's a guide to the sustainability certifications available for fashion brands.

3 SEO blogging quick tips for this trend

  1. Based on this trend, you could safely bet that using a main keyword of "sustainable + intimate product" will get a good number of searches. Explore different options like bras, underwear, sunglasses, or skincare and makeup products--anything that we wear very close to our body.
  2. You can receive traffic for multiple related keywords in one web article by listing the different sub-topic keywords in your headings. For example, if you wanted to write a post about sustainable lingerie, your different headings could include bras, underwear, etc. Brand names also work well as keywords, so you could also include the brand names of the products you're promoting directly in your headings.
  3. Avoid repeating the word "sustainable" over and over in your article by alternating near synonyms like "ethical" and "conscious" in your copy. Keyword stuffing is a big SEO no-no. Keep in mind that Google's search bots are capable of interpreting "semantic synonyms" and related word clusters. As long as your copy reinforces a central idea, your post should be easy for humans and robots to understand.

Top 3 low-difficulty keyword opportunities

  • Sustainable swimwear (3.4K, 11KD, $0.5)
  • Sustainable jewelry (3.3K, 19KD, $2)
  • Sustainable lingerie (1.0K, 12KD, NA)

High performing article examples

Samples of my own work linked to this trend

  • I have not written anything on these keywords, but I think this theme would be a fun one to cover.

Coming up next week, you'll receive highlights on another popular keyword trend: ecosystem science keywords.

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