Vegan Food (yum)

Vegan food is a winning trend for our moment. It's got the magnetism of a health fad, the purposefulness of Cowspiracy-inspired activism, and the feel-good momentum of a sustainable lifestyle change.

Vegan Food (yum)

Vegan food is hot, hot, hot! Let's dive in to this organic web traffic trend.

Vegan traffic is huge right now.

Vegan food is a winning trend for our moment. It's got the magnetism of a health fad, the purposefulness of Cowspiracy-inspired activism, and the feel-good momentum of a sustainable lifestyle change.

Going even further, it's also a space of innovation, business opportunity, and experimentation. That last bit is where I'm seeing the most under-explored opportunities for organic traffic.

Quick overview

In case you haven't noticed, there are tons of vegan influencers online. And they all seem to fill their own niche.

  • Tiktok's vegan family-friendly sweetheart Tabitha Brown
  • Vegan Gains, the body-building vegan trainer
  • Oh She Glows, who you could call Martha Stewart's vegan alter-ego

You'd think with so much internet action, it would be hard to rank for vegan-themed keywords. But it's not necessarily true.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The easiest vegan keywords right now are ones that are hard-to-fathom vegan dishes. Take any favorite comfort food and make it vegan. If it's vegan carrot bacon, that's a bit overdone.

But you can still get mileage from vegan marshmallows, vegan cheese and other seemingly "impossible" vegan recipes to substitute those animal-based cravings.

3 SEO blogging quick tips for this trend

  1. Go beyond the word “vegan” in your SEO keyword search. Instead, check for names of influencers, restaurants, chefs, business names, and books, which are piquing people's curiosity in the space. Remember: proper nouns make for excellent SEO keywords. That said, there are also a lot of great keywords that start with the words “vegan.”
  2. Don’t overthink it. Keep the editorial think pieces for your Medium or LinkedIn page. For traffic-building blog posts, stick to recipes and user-friendly information that people will find useful.
  3. A note about keyword stuffing. There are a lot of near-synonyms for the adjective "vegan," so there's no need to repeat the word "vegan" multiple times. Be sure to include these synonyms in your copy: plant-based, cruelty-free, etc. Google search is capable of understanding semantic synonyms, so don't stuff keywords. Include your main keyword in the important places like the title, the URL, and the headings. Otherwise, vary your text with lots synonyms that reinforce the topic.  

Top 3 low-difficulty keyword opportunities

Whoa vegan keywords! This trend is slaying the internet with its massive search volumes and low keyword difficulty. As you can see, you can pretty much pair the word “vegan” with a comfort food or guilty pleasure food, and you’ll have a bomb keyword.

  • Vegan restaurants (24,000 MSV, 4 KD, $4.50 CPC)
  • Vegan chocolate (16,000 MSV, 13 KD, $1.20 CPC)
  • Vegan alfredo sauce (15,000 MSV, 19 KD, $0.25 CPC)

High performing article examples

Samples of my own work linked to this trend

Coming up next week, you'll receive highlights on another popular sustainability trend and its SEO keywords: sustainable stocks.

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